My office is a boutique firm serving individuals and local businesses.  My practice focuses on serious accidents/injuries/fatalities, as well as contract drafting and litigation of commercial disputes.  With over 25 years experience as a trial attorney, I’ve developed a successful practice that delivers great results and ensures that clients receive personal attention, respect, and sound advice.

I recognize that each client has his/her own interests, priorities and goals.  I work with my clients to ascertain the best strategy for their particular case and their particular situation.  Establishing a good working relationship with my clients from the outset not only makes the litigation process less stressful for them, but also helps build the strongest case.  My approach in working with clients typically includes these steps:

Educate– provide an overview of the legal process as it pertains to the case, as well as my initial impressions of the case.

Analyze–  review the facts and law applicable to the case.

Investigate–  obtain relevant evidence.

Strategize–  determine the best course of action to get the client what he/she wants and deserves.  Reevaluate as the case and facts develop.

Communicate–  return calls promptly, make myself available for meetings on short notice, keep client appraised of the matter.

Litigate–  file a lawsuit, conduct discover, motion practice, expert consultation, mediation, arbitration or trial.

Negotiate/Mediate–  create opportunities to resolve cases on the best terms for my clients without the need fro trial.

Resolve–  get the problem solved!

You need a lawyer who is not only smart and experienced, but also one you trust, have confidence in, and like.  If you have a  case within my area of expertise, I’d welcome the opportunity to serve you.  Call for a free initial consultation