“Ms. Harris listens carefully and is able to pull clarity out of complex, highly emotional issues.  I found her to be perceptive, prepared, organized and focused on problem solving.  During the arduous process of mediation, depositions, and arbitration, she kept me going forward, focusing on the fact finding, keep application of ethical and legal principles and making me feel important.  I worked with many lawyers over the years, and never felt so fortunate to know one until I met and worked with Lesley.  I totally believe my case was won because of her commitment to both me and my case.”
-Peggy Fleming, Santa Cruz

“As a plaintiff in a civil case (business dispute) Lesley Harris was successful in winning a favorable decision in court.  She was patient in hearing my story, helped to fine-tune my argument and kept me focused on the relevant information needed to strengthen my case.  During the many hours we worked together I appreciated her low-key yet professional demeanor.  She is genuine, efficient, dedicated and has a vast knowledge of law and how it’s practiced in the courtroom.  Lesley thinks quickly, adapts well to changing situations with grace, dignity and reason.  Her years of litigation experience make Lesley a formidable opponent in court.  I highly recommend her.”
-Philip Hall, Santa Cruz

“Ms. Harris took my case when other attorneys said I had no case.  She treated me with utmost respect and obtained full recovery for me without even having to file a lawsuit.”
-Jill O’Brien, San Jose
Employment Dispute

“Ms. Harris was extremely helpful to us in recovering from a catastrophic loss caused by a fire.  She answered all of our phone calls, questions and concerns promptly.  She explained legal and factual matters honestly and respectfully.  She pressed novel legal arguments in our case that ensured we were fully compensated.”
-Charles Savoca and Jules Rough, Aptos

“I was scared stiff to go to trial on my case, but Lesley eased my fears.  She was well-prepared, experienced, and held my hand when I needed extra support.  We won our case and I couldn’t have done it without her.”
-Hazel McBee, Boulder Creek

“Ms. Harris represented Hyatt in numerous premises liability and contract cases.  She won every case she took to trial for Hyatt.”
-Ruby St. James, Risk Manager, Hyatt Hotels, Chicago