Mediation Services

Lesley Harris spearheaded the formation of Spark Resolution Group, a Santa Cruz based Mediation service.  Learn more at
We welcome the opportunity to mediate your civil (non-family) dispute

Lesley Harris was instrumental in developing one of the nation’s first mediation programs in New York City.  The PINS (Persons In Need of Supervision) Mediation Program of the Children’s Aid Society launched in 1980.  Ms. Harris was the Court Liaison who introduced the program to judges, staff attorneys and probation officers, as well as one of the first three mediators of the program.  Ms. Harris mediated dozens of disputes, and supervised numerous volunteer mediators.  Within a year she was training the incoming volunteers.

“Every Mediator has her own style.  I consider myself a ‘purist.’  While the goal is clearly resolution, the value of the process should not be overlooked.  I allow the parties to actively participate in the negotiating process, if they so choose.  I can provide ‘shuttle diplomacy’ if all sides prefer, however, I am very willing to bring the sides together to air out some of the emotion that might otherwise impede settlement.” -Lesley Harris, esq.