Disability Access

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in disability access cases, under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the state Unruh Act.

Defense:  We counsel property owners to ensure compliance with the legal requirements, or represent them if they are sued.  These cases are not covered by liability insurance so need to be handled by an experienced attorney to ensure expeditious and cost-effective representation.  We know the law in this area and can zero in on a fair resolution quickly.

We recently represented a traffic school sued for failing to provide an American Sign Language interpreter in class.  We were instrumental in putting together a state-wide program that provides a close-captioning video, and were successful in getting our client dismissed from the lawsuit for the least amount of any of the other defendants.

Plaintiff:  We represent disabled individuals in numerous and varied claims involving access to facilities and activities, and issues involving service animals in hotels, amusement park and restaurants.  We are currently working on a case to allow disabled persons to use the Segway as a mobility assistive device.