Areas of Practice and Sample Cases


Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

We strive to obtain maximum recovery for those injured or the family members of those killed by the negligence or wrongful acts of others.  We handle a wide variety of accident related injury cases.  See samples of some of our cases, below.

We handle the complexities of health insurance reimbursement claims, hospital liens and Medical/Medicare rights, in addition to the liability and recovery aspects of injury cases.

Our fee in accident cases is contingent upon your recovery.  We advance all costs, and you pay nothing unless and until the case resolves in your favor.

Driver Negligence:

Car/Truck Collision:  Plaintiff was driving on a dark and stormy night and hit the trailer of an 18 wheeler that was turning left across the road.  We claimed the truck driver was negligent in making the turn, defendant claimed Plaintiff was negligent for failing to stop.  Plaintiff’s pregnant wife was a passenger in his car — she required hospitalization for the remainder of her term, and the baby was born prematurely, requiring hospitalization for several weeeks after birth.  A year later, the baby was fine.  Case settled for $750,000 from defendant, and another $300,000 in medical payments for a total recovery of $1,050,000.

Pedestrian Fatality:  77 year old decedent was crossing 19th Avenue in San Francisco.  The light changed to red in his direction before he reached the far sidewalk.  He was struck and killed by a motorist as he crossed the last lane of traffic.  The motorist’s view of the pedestrian was blocked by a bus.  Plaintiff family recovered the $300,000 policy limit from the homeowner for whom the driver, an unlicensed contractor, was working, and another $100,000 in medical payments for a total recovery of $400,000.

Defective Products

Van Rollover: Our client was an unbelted passenger in a single vehicle rollover caused when the driver fell asleep.  Despite the obvious challenges, we were successful in getting a significant recovery from the manufacturer of the van based on the van’s inadequate stability, and additional compensation from the company that modified the van after-market.

Bicycle Component Failure:  Successfully sued two different major bicycle manufacturers for defective bicycle components (a fork, handlebars).  In one case, the rider was injured when his handlebars snapped due to a weak point at the stem.  In the other, the rider was injured when the fork broke when a foreign object entered the spokes.

Premises Liability

Dangerous Handrail:  Plaintiff minor child fell from a second story landing when the slats in the railing gave way due to extreme disrepair.  The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of the child and each of his parents who witnessed his fall.  This case is pending.

Medical Malpractice

Retained Sponge:  Plaintiff sued her doctor and hospital staff who left a surgical sponge in her abdomen during her cesarean section Surgery, thus requiring additional, invasive surgery to remove it.  Plaintiff and her husband recovered the maximum $250,000 general damages allowable under MICRA.

Failure to Monitor/Medication Error:  Plaintiff had knee replacement surgery and was transferred to a recovery room.  Twenty minutes later a doctor found her unresponsive, and she died shortly thereafter.  The case is suspicious for medication error and/or failure to monitor.  This case is pending.

Property Damage

Fire Damage:  Client’s residence was destroyed by fire as a result of his contractor’s negligent exterminating process.  Recovered $1,200,000 in mediation, well in excess of the actual cost to rebuild.

Drainage Problem:  Just days after closing escrow on the home Client purchased, she discovered that a portion of the yard flooded in heavy rain.  We sued the seller for failure to disclose the drainage problem.  Client recovered the cost of repairs and attorney’s fees.